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Downtown Golf utilizes the Foresight GC2 launch monitor. The GC2 paired with the HMT unit accurately measure club head performance and its affect on ball flight.

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Club Fitting

During a typical club fitting each player hits a series of shots with their current equipment which we record on a Foresight GC2 Launch Monitor/Simulator.  We take measurements like launch angle, club speed, ball speed, trajectory, backspin, sidespin, total spin, carry distance and club face angle.  Once we establish your ball flight, different equipment is substituted to achieve the optimal ball flight.  Sometimes we find it in new equipment and other times we recommend you stay with your own.  Either way, you are getting the clubs and analysis that best helps your game.

We give all of our golf lessons using the Interactive Frontiers V-1 digital video system which provides immediate feedback and understanding when trying to teach our students.  Not only does this system offer a clear picture from 2 angles, but it allows us to store swings in a database which we can refer to over time and chart progress. 



Our workshop is outfitted with the latest tools available for making golf clubs so we can build your equipment to precise specifications.  We are capable of most any type of repair in house and carry a wide range of shafts and grips. 

We check your clubs for proper shaft length, flex, loft, lie and face angles.  Having worked with golf clubs for many years we have realized not all clubs are what they say.  We have a variety tools that are designed to accurately measure that the products you purchase or currently have are correct.

We can do almost any repair while you wait.  We say almost any because we do get some strange requests that take more time than others.

We carry a full line of shafts from Accra, Fujikura, Mitsubishi, Matrix, True Temper, Rifle, Nippon, KBS and many others.  Clubs are ready to hit in 1 hour after being built.